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Advantages of Centraliser


When used in accordance with the Manufacturers Training and Instructions, Centraliser will help your project to achieve a multitude of advantages relating directly to Cost, Time, Quality, Efficiency and Productivity.


Client Satisfaction everytime using Centraliser.


Proven Improvements to Project Cost and overall Quality while using Centraliser. Increased time efficency and Productivity Guaranteed


Increased Assembly Speed of Holding Down Bolt Boxes on site.


There is an increased to the Structural Rigidity of the waxed Cones to Prevent Crushing.


An increase to the Speed of Structural Steel Frame Alignment with Holding Down Bolts.


The Removal of Remedial Works associated with Bolt Positioning required.


A Reduction to the overall Construction Programme Timeline Guaranteed.



Centraliser consultancy on project on site

Product Consultancy

We provide effective collaboration during the Planning and

Pre-Construction stage of your projects, including free advice on how to use Centraliser to maximise efficiency on site.

Pre-construction Planning, we will look at your drawings and advise how many Centraliser's will be needed.

Pre-Construction Planning

We will help you achieve maximum benefits during the Pre-planning stage by reviewing your Structural Steel Fabrication Layout and Base Plate details; completing a takeoff exercise to identify the correct sizes and numbers of Centralisers required for your project.

We can visit Sites to assess Centraliser's assistance to improve efficiency during the Bolt Box Process

Site Visits

We will visit your site upon request to provide guidance, advice and take the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about Centraliser.

Centraliser being used on Site

Training and Assembly

We will provide onsite Training and Demonstrations using Centraliser to help you to maximise the efficiency when Assembling your Holding Down Bolt Boxes.

Our product Centraliser

Supplying & Delivery of Centralisers

We will supply Centralisers to meet the criteria of all standard Waxed Cone sizes; including manufacture of Centralisers for bespoke projects upon request.

We will deliver Centralisers directly to your site to the agreed timescales of your project.

Centraliser used as recommended will provide consistent end results 100% of the time.

"When I first heard of the Centraliser, I admit, I did dismiss it as another 'gimmick'. But from the initial phone call with Satish and his visit to site to show us the product worked practically; I have quickly changed my mind."

We used the Centraliser on our project in Kettering for the Buckingham Group, with fantastic results. The waxed cones stayed rigid during installation, resulting in perfectly lined bolts, after stripping the templates the Centraliser was then replaced back onto the bolts until the steel frame was erected, stopping any potential debris entering the bolts void."

Mark Jackson, Hannon Brothers.

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