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Centraliser consultancy on project on site

Product Consultancy

We provide effective collaboration during the Planning and

Pre-Construction stage of your projects, including free advice on how to use Centraliser to maximise efficiency on site.

Pre-construction Planning, we will look at your drawings and advise how many Centraliser's will be needed.

Pre-Construction Planning

We will help you achieve maximum benefits during the Pre-planning stage by reviewing your Structural Steel Fabrication Layout and Base Plate details; completing a takeoff exercise to identify the correct sizes and numbers of Centralisers required for your project.

We can visit Sites to assess Centraliser's assistance to improve efficiency during the Bolt Box Process

Site Visits

We will visit your site upon request to provide guidance, advice and take the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about Centraliser.

Centraliser being used on Site

Training and Assembly

We will provide onsite Training and Demonstrations using Centraliser to help you to maximise the efficiency when Assembling your Holding Down Bolt Boxes.

Our product Centraliser

Supplying & Delivery of Centralisers

We will supply Centralisers to meet the criteria of all standard Waxed Cone sizes; including manufacture of Centralisers for bespoke projects upon request.

We will deliver Centralisers directly to your site to the agreed timescales of your project.

Centraliser used as recommended will provide consistent end results 100% of the time.

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